We are Glad to introduce to our costumers the new EMV Reader/Writer v8.6 which is more powerful then (EMV Reader Writer Software v8) EMV Reader Writer Software v8.6 is the most powerful EMV Smart Card Reader/Writer Software in the world. EMV Reader Writer Software v8.6 Is able To Read/Write/Duplicate/Delete any EMV Protocol such as 201,206,226 or any EMV other Protocol,it will allow you to Read/Write/Duplicate/Erase SDA(Static Bin) / DDA (Dynamic Bin).


Q: What type of card I can Read Write with this Software?
Answer: SDA and DDA (Static/Dynamic) It can be any Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Maestro, Amex, Union-Pay, Diners, Discover, JCB.

Q: This Software will Work in any Country?
Answer: Yes It will work in any country in the World Where EMV Tech Is Used.

Q: What data is necessary to Make a  Transaction?
Answer: You will need to Write Track 2.

Q: Can I use any PIN at ATM With the Card?
Answer: No, You will need to use the Original PIN code.

Q: Can i use any PIN in POS?
Answer: Yes you can use any Pin.

Q: Can i See The balance and Withdraw money From ATM?
Answer: Yes, if you have the Original Pin code and a valid Track 2 Then you will be able to make any operation like with the Original Credit card.

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