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For nearly 12 years, EMV Global Solution has remained a leading developer and provider of equipment for card personalization, EMV compliance/migration, smart card manufacturing and semiconductor handling equipment.

Our solutions and products address the requirements of a range markets worldwide: Financial EMV/Chip Card, TSM,Restaurant Management Systems,banking services, Government/Secure ID, Healthcare/Insurance, and Corporate markets.

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EMV Global Solution offer reliable performance and excellent print quality. From single-sided black and white to dual-sided, full color encoded cards.

Desktop Card Embossers

EMV Global Solution embossers continue to be industry leaders in quality, reliability and performance. We offer several optional upgrades to our AdvantageTM brand of desktop embossers.

Hologram Hot Stamping

Emv Global Solution Hologram Hot Stamping continue to be industry leaders in quality, reliability and performance. We offer several optional upgrades to our AdvantageTM brand of Hologram Hot Stamping machine.

Emv Reader / Writer

Emv Global Solution provide the most advanced Emv Chip Reader and Writer Hardware / Software solution on the market for Banking services, Retail, Security and other related ,we provide Software for all our reader and writer Hardware .