Honeywell Stratos 2700




The Honeywell Stratos 2700 barcode scanner / scale combination has been designed to future proof your grocery or high volume retail checkstand, including tools to minimize loss while maximizing the lifespan of your scanner. The unique features of the Stratos 2700 help it stand out from the competition and become a terrific addition to your business.

A 2D area imager replaces the vertical laser scanner, giving you the added power of Honeywell´s Adaptus scanning. The Adaptus scanner gives you easy reads off of smartphone screens, fantastic for mobile couponing. Driver´s license parsing is also available, making customer loyalty account creation and look-up as simple as scanning an ID.

Barcode scanner / scale combinations are built to last, and the Stratos 2700 is no exception. The platter supports up to 30 pounds of products and includes durable Diamonex or Sapphire glass to prevent scratches to the scanning window. To keep out dirt and water splashes, Honeywell built the Stratos 2700 to IP42 standards. Shipping with a 2-year warranty and with optional comprehensive coverage plans, the Honeywell Stratos 2700 barcode scanner will provide your business with rock solid functionality.


  • LCD screen supports under-cart camera
  • Diamonex or Sapphire glass
  • Driver´s License parsing
  • Checkpoint of Sensortmatic EAS support
  • 2-year warranty